Teen driver? Don’t worry, we’ve got them covered.

New drivers, particularly young drivers, have higher insurance rates for 2 reasons: inexperience behind the wheel and immaturity. Just like anyone attempting to master a new skill, teen drivers tend to make mistakes and take risks that more experienced drivers won’t. And increased risks translate to increased insurance rates.

The numbers paint a clear picture. Though teen deaths in car crashes have dropped dramatically since 1975, the figures are still staggering: 2,823 teenagers aged 13 to 19 died in motor vehicle crashes in 2012. And despite the drop, motor vehicle accidents remain the number-one cause of death for teenagers.

Teenagers are also the most likely to be involved in accidents, with 16-year-old drivers over 2.5 times more likely to be in a crash than 20- to 24-year-olds. Most drivers’ insurance rates drop at age 25, and continue to decrease until age 70. But the rate drops aren’t automatic. A risky driver with tickets, claims, or crashes won’t necessarily see a favorable change in insurance rates — yet another reason to stress safety to your young driver.

First, brace yourself for an increased premium. Because insurance companies have to pay more claims on incidents involving teen drivers than more experienced ones, young drivers’ car insurance rates tend to be significantly higher.

Ask a NC Business Insurance Agency agent how the prices will differ if you add your Charlotte, North Carolina teen driver to your policy or purchase a new one in your teen’s name.

Keep in mind that the type of car your teen drives affects the rate as well. Select a model with a track record of safety and reliability to ensure a reasonable rate. You can find reliable model safety information through these 4 sources:

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