In our last blog we touched on some of the different factors that can lead to dangerous driving conditions. Ice, snow, fog, and other changes in climate can cause many accidents. But all too often, we are the ones putting ourselves at risk with simple mistakes.

Distracted driving is the number one cause for car accidents in the United States. This doesn’t just include texting and driving, which we all know is a major driving hazard, but involves eating, talking to passengers, even stressing about the work day when one should be focusing on the road.

A common cause that goes hand in hand with distracted driving is reckless driving. When that stress that has drivers distracted leads to them becoming impatient, they can find themselves switching lanes too quickly, speeding, ignoring road signs, etc. When driving, one needs to be absolutely focused on their surroundings.

Another major cause for car accidents, which may come as a surprise, is road rage. People with road rage will thoughtlessly tailgate cars in front of them without leaving enough space to safely break. In addition to that they will speed in front of the cars to “teach them a lesson” and so on. When driving, do everything in your power to stay calm and avoid letting your emotions get the best of you.

Goodman & Associates don’t want to just help our clients when accidents occur. We want to help them avoid accidents altogether. For more information on common factors that lead to car accidents we have posted our source below. If you do find yourself in an accident and do not understand the claim process, we are happy to help you! Call our office and one of our account managers will be sure to assist you throughout the process.



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