Preparing Autumn, and Winter for that matter, means preparing for the cold! Bundling up and heating your home is one of the best and coziest feelings, but you have to make sure to go about it the right way. Some heating tips include:

•Keep fireplace fires enclosed with protective screens.

•Service your furnace early on during the season to avoid any hazards.

•Don’t leave fires unattended. I know this one seems like a no-brainer but it’s an easy mistake that many people make. Don’t leave your candles, fireplace, oven, etc., burning when you are not in the room.

•Make sure your smoke alarms are ready to go!

In addition to fire safety, there are also a few more risks to driving in the Fall than driving in the summer. With the Blue Ridge Mountains so close to us, I’m sure many of you are well aware of how beautiful the drives can be this time of year. While you enjoy these scenic routes, make sure to stay focused and aware of possible dangers which include:

•Falling leaves which can create a distraction or compromise your view


•Shorter days, which means darker drives to and from work.

•And soon enough it’ll be time to start being cautious of icy roads.

Some other safety tips to keep in mind this season are:

•Clean the leaves around your home to avoid slippery locations – but don’t burn them! They can spread harmful and cancerous chemicals when burned.

•Be aware of near by power lines when cleaning your gutters

•Make sure your porch lights are working because, as mentioned earlier, there will be more night than day soon.