Even if you don’t live near a coastline, you are still vulnerable to water damage as a result of flooding. Fortunately, homeowners can take preventative measures to help protect their homes from water damage.

  • Fix leaky roofs and foundation cracks immediately. Leaky roofs and foundation cracks allow water to get into the home, which can weaken the structure and provide a perfect habitat for mold.
  • Keep gutters and drains clear to carry water away from the home. Check storm drains on the street, as leaves and debris can block them, causing water to collect.
  • Invest in a battery-powered sump pump to pump water out of the home.
  • Move expensive items to a higher level of the home. Elevate furnaces and water pumps when they’re installed, if possible, to a height of 12 inches above the highest known flood level for your area.
  • Prevent sewer backup by installing sewer or septic line check valves, which allow waste to only flow one way.

Source: http://www.houselogic.com/home-advice/disaster-insurance/protect-yourself-and-your-home-flooding/